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New Release – Multi Carrier Dispatch System

By 19 December 2022September 19th, 2023No Comments

FMS Transport Software are proud to be releasing our brand new multi carrier dispatch system.

Some of our exciting new features include:

Total independence from carriers and freight brokers, even if you use a freight broker you don’t have to use their software. You can change freight brokers or carriers without having to change your software, reducing or eliminating all the costs and work that it entails.

Unlimited carriers. If you have multiple company divisions, you can have multi accounts per carrier as FMS Transport Software works with all carriers.

Control all your dispatches, for all your locations, from one site as the software has unlimited company location options.

HTML Advance shipping notices allow you to design your own notice in the software. Each sender or location can have their own design. This is good for 3PL warehouses or companies with multiple divisions.

Both CSV or xls and xlsx can be mapped, even multi tabbed. An import folder will be monitored for any files and processed immediately, with multiple types in the same folder. There is no need to have your programming department use their resources, we can work with whatever format you currently use.

Powerful reporting functions, print to any printer including PDF with labels able to be printed on any label printer using its own driver.

Difot reports from compliant carriers. Tools including Word, Excel, image editor, diagrams creator, HTML editor and PDF readers.

Scan pack into bar-coded cartons, you can print your own labels or use the carriers.
This allows you to quickly identify what needs replacing in the event of missing freight or a dispute with the receiver.

The software can be run on a PC as a stand-alone, on a client server or remote server – the choice is yours. Available in Windows or Linux.

With no steep learning curve, the software has been designed to be very intuitive, saving time, resources, and money.

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