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FMS Transport Software offers REST API web service which allows clients to interface with FMS Dispatcher and add consignments directly through API.

  • Direct and real-time communication between FMS Dispatcher and your ERP or WMS system.
  • Instant status feedback to let you know if a consignment has been successfully created.
  • Validation of data to ensure correctness and completeness.
  • Return useful information about a consignment such as carrier charges.
  • Multiple methods to create a consignment.

There are a number of ways our web service allows you to create consignments.

  1. Direct
    Create a consignment for a specific carrier.
  2. Cheapest cost
    Create a consignment with the cheapest cost. The system works out the cheapest cost carrier using the pre-loaded rates in FMS Dispatcher.
  3. Pending
    Creates a pending consignment that allows a user to finalise the order in FMS Dispatcher. As an example, a sales staff could add the receiver address and the warehouse user completes the connote when they pick and pack the items.Any orders missing mandatory information or has invalid values will be automatically added to pending order for user to review.
  4. Consolidation
    Consolidate to an active consignment. The system uses the carrier, service and receiver address provided and searches through current connotes in the FMS Dispatcher for an identical order. If a match is found then the new order information is consolidated (added) to the existing connote. The total weight, items and cubic will be recalculated to reflect the addition.

If a consignment cannot be consolidated for any reason such as there is no existing connote or carrier size and weight limits then a new connote is created for the specified carrier.

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