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Dispatch Management Systems
Automating Fulfilment Effortlessly

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DispatchHub can have multiple warehouses running on the same server. Written with the latest advanced technology, leaving a small memory footprint and reduced network traffic with minimal maintenance required.

FMS Integration

For warehouse management solutions, we streamline the creation process, saving double keying of data, saving time with less user error, and push back essential information for internal billing / reporting, (such as connote number) and freight cost.

Import Functionality

We work with systems such as SAP, PRONTO, MYOB and BERGER to build specific integrations for imports and API with external software. FMS are committed to delivering integration with all systems, built bespoke and based on client needs.

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    Here’s What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

    “We have the FMS software installed at our sites Australia wide. It is an essential key to all our dispatching requirements with an ease of use for the storeman and advanced reporting features for upper levels of management. They have a great and friendly support team, when calling the help desk whoever answers the phone can assist you straight away.”


    “The team at FMS were exceptionally accommodating to the changes throughout the project and worked closely with our project team to deliver quality finished product that met the brief and improved warehouse productivity. Thank you for the continued support. FMS software is used at multiple Lincoln Sentry branches Australia wide. We've been working with FMS for a number of years and recently integrated FMS into SAP.”


    “The FMS software allowed us to simplify our process and combine all carriers into one platform to make the process seamless from one customer or carrier to the next. Not only that, having direct access to the data helps us plan and understand so we can continue to improve our operations. As a result we have not only saved time in our daily operations but also in freight costs.”

    ZF Friedrichshafen

    Our Trusted Carriers

    FMS deals with all carriers irrespective of size

    Saving time and money on your freight costs is just the beginning!

    With over 20 years of operation in the freight and transportation industry, there isn’t a carrier we don’t work with or a fulfilment process we haven’t drastically improved for our happy clients.

    Our industry-leading custom-installed dispatch management system allows you to dynamically switch between carriers to find the best match whilst automating processes and saving the pain of manual input.

    Save Money

    Run Multiple warehouses on the same server without expensive license fees.

    Find Efficiencies

    Find pricing errors and run effective rate analysis to save even more on your freight costs.

    Full Visibility

    Control your own carrier rates and have full visibility over all freight, no matter where it’s dispatched from.

    All-in-one Solution

    Our software has been built on our customers feedback, with all features included in the standard fee, so you’ll never be charged for modular features.

    Transparent Pricing

    No transaction fees or hidden charges, we are honest and open about our pricing.

    24/7 Support

    Our Australian based support team are on hand 24/7 to answer the phone to provide support immediately. NO TICKET SYSTEM.

    Easy to Use

    The FMS platform is IT friendly, easy to set up with no need for an ongoing IT maintenance plan. Intuitive with no steep leaving curves for the warehouse staff.

    Easy to setup standard integration

    Consignment data importing via csv and XLSX templates as apart of our standard solution.

    24/7 Australian Support Team

    Our industry leading support team is always on hand for your needs

    Making the switch with your management systems can be overwhelming and messy. With our friendly and patient support team, you’ll enjoy the integration process and get to know our awesome team along the way!

    If you're not happy with the support you receive as a part of your service, You'll receive 3 months off your bill - we're that serious about going above and beyond for our clients!
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    Seamless Integration

    We work with your systems

    Custom solutions for all your integration needs.

    Transform Your Freight Management Today

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are the applications Cloud Based?

    FMS software believe an installed application provides the best software stability, speed, and security. We found one of the major concerns with customers who have experienced a cloud based application were not able to create connotes if their internet went down whereas with our product you are able to continue connote creation and label printing.

    What is FMS's support like and where is it located?

    FMS offer 24/7 support and are in Eastern Creek, Australia. FMS does not believe in a ticket system and each team member has been trained to log in remotely and deal with the support call immediately.

    What type of database do you use?

    Our software is a Microsoft SQL database, and we can attach this to a client existing MSQL or install the express version.

    Do you charge per seat / workstation?

    No, FMS allows for unlimited workstations within one location / warehouse.

    This software is designed to be utilised throughout the business as a tool for not only the warehouse for connote creation and manifesting but the customer service team for quotes and tracking, the accounts team for reconciling your carrier invoices and management for unique reporting and freight reviews.

    Is the software modular and are all features available to all staff?

    Our software is not modular with all features inclusive. Our clients can set different levels of access for their staff depending on relevance to their role.

    Can DispatchHub SQL be interfaced with our WMS or ERP Software?

    DispatchHub SQL can be interfaced with your WMS or ERP system to create a more integrated and streamlined process, to reduce mistakes and eliminate duplicating data entry. We have worked with numerous applications such as Pronto, NetSuite, SAP, Oracle Microsoft Dynamics and many more.

    Can an import be completely automated to print labels?

    Yes, If all data is supplied in the file DispatchHub SQL can automatically create the connote under the selected carrier and print the labels.

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